The Verbs

Book 1

1. Wait
to be in readiness or expectation

2. Begin
to come into being

3. Crackle
to make a succession of slight sharp snapping noises; to show liveliness or brilliance

4. Weave
to interlace into a whole; to spin, as a web

5. Fling
to throw violently; to throw (oneself) into an activity with abandon & energy

6. Drift
to oscillate randomly around a fixed setting

7. Play
to occupy oneself in recreation, amusement or sport; to perform on a musical instrument; to move quickly or lightly

8. Accuse
to charge with a shortcoming or error

9. Push
to force (one’s way); to move (an object) by exerting force; to urge forward; to urge insistently to do something

10. Forgive
to renounce anger or resentment against

11. Zoom
to rise rapidly; to move rapidly toward or away from

12. Close
to bring to an end; to draw together

Book 2

1. Bloom
to shine out; to appear or occur unexpectedly

2. Beckon
to appear inviting; to summon with a wave or nod

3. Insist
to take a resolute stand or course; persist; to take a firm stand about

4. Murmur
to make a half–suppressed or muttered complaint; to make a low, indistinct but often continuous sound

5. Tease
to pester; to tantalize; to obtain by repeated coaxing

6. Tangle
to unite or knit together in intricate confusion

7. Snap
to utter curtly or abruptly; to give way suddenly under strain

8. Shatter
to damage badly, to ruin

9. Bounce
to walk with springing steps; to cause to rebound

10. Reflect
to cast back; to think quietly & calmly; to make manifest or apparent

11. Release
to set free from restraint or confinement

12. Bless
to hallow or consecrate; to invoke divine care for

Definitions taken from Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary 1967

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