The (short) Story of Verbs

In 2006, Keith Porter-Snell asked his friend, composer Kathleen Ryan, to create for him a set of 24 preludes for piano left hand alone. Searching for a unifying theme, Kathleen settled on the idea of verbs, one for each prelude, because every verb conveys an individual quality of energy and motion.

She composed the first 12 preludes in 2006 & 2007, and Keith premiered them in Farmington, New Mexico, in November 2007, at the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico conference. PMTNM and the Music Teachers National Association commissioned Kathleen to compose the second 12 preludes (Book 2), which she did in 2008. Keith premiered Book 2 in Los Alamos, NM, at the PMTNM conference in November 2008.

Kathleen only consulted the definitions of the verbs she chose to compose after completing each book. She was surprised to discover that often the music is clearly portraying a lesser-known definition.

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