But why?

In the beginning, there was piano music for two hands.

Then, there was piano music for one hand.

Or maybe the other way around; who really knows?

But why?

Well, sometimes a pianist wants to develop their left hand technique; left hand repertory is a sure-fire way to accomplish that!

Or, sometimes a pianist is justifiably proud of their monumental left hand technique, and just needs to show off a bit. (We’re looking at you, Godowsky, with your Chopin Etudes arranged for left hand alone.)

Sometimes something happens to the other hand or arm. Paul Wittgenstein is a prime example here, and his desire to continue performing after losing his right arm in the First World War led him to commission works for piano left hand, including Ravel’s famous Concerto for Piano Left Hand and Orchestra.

Sometimes a composer needs a challenge. Brahms, step up & take your bow.

Sometimes, more than one of these reasons applies.

More than one of these reasons applies here, now, with Verbs, 24 Preludes for Piano Left Hand, composed by Kathleen Ryan for concert pianist Keith Porter-Snell.

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