Act 1, Scene 1

Setting: lunchtime, a cozy Mexican restaurant, Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 2006.

Keith: I love your music. I’d like you to write me a sonata, with the third movement for left hand alone.

Kathleen: Sure, I think I can do that.

a few minutes later, still over lunch

Keith: Actually, what I’d really like is an entire sonata for left hand alone.

Kathleen: Okay. I can probably do that. Let me think about it.

a few days later, now by phone

Keith: Actually, what I’d really like is a set of 24 preludes, one in each key. Some can be very short, you know; Chopin had shorter preludes mixed in among the larger ones.

Kathleen: Cool! That will be fun!

Scene 2

a few days later, in Kathleen’s studio

Kathleen muttering to herself: Twenty-four. Hmm… 24 short pieces. What are they about? How do I figure out where I am in the collection? I need something, some reason to make them different from each other. Hmm… Oh I know: VERBS! So, the first Verb, obviously, is Begin. Let’s just see what that sounds like.

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